Heading into Summer

May 30, 2021

Session Scheduling

One of the most common questions revolves around my availability. I wear many hats over here and try to keep it as simple as possible for my family and my clients. As of now here's how my scheduling works.

Studio availability(newborn, cake smashes, milestones, headshots, and boudoir or maternity upon request) Tues- Friday 10-1 & some Saturdays.

Outdoor availability. May-mid August Fri & Sat evenings, can do other weekdays upon request usually. 7PM (will adjust to a bit earlier if sky is overcast, or if its a last minute schedule and the forecast is for an all overcast day I will usually let you choose between morning or evening)

Why so late? Because the sun is so high in the sky until later in the day. When the sun is high in the sky it is harsh and unflattering. Think squinty raccoon eyes....and overblown backgrounds. All of my work shown is taken when the sun is lower and softer, and you can open your eyes and the background is a little in shadows so you can see the greenery and beautiful surroundings we are lucky to live amongst as well as amazing sunbursts coming through the lush greenery. Its the best, and so worth adjusting your schedule slightly for one day!! Most families find it fast paced and fun! We play with the kids and keep it light hearted.

Mid August-October as the sun starts setting earlier and rising later there is a little more flexibility and I start opening up morning time slots around 9:30-10 AM , and the evening slots slowly become earlier ending up around 5PMish.

winter and spring- dependent on weather conditions

I hope this helps you choose when you would like to have your family or baby photographed! We can't thank you enough for your continued support!! Have a question? get in touch anytime. We respond as quickly as possible, but again since I am the only one answering I try to keep it to Monday-Friday during normal business hours.